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I Love Ice!



Susquehanna St Park, below the Conowingo dam is the place I go when the temperatures drop below freezing.  Arriving pre-dawn, hopeful that water has not been released  to generate the days electricity .  On some days the water is up and the days ice washed away before the sun rises.  Some days give a few tantalizing minutes before the flood. Some days you get lucky and can shoot until worn out and cross-eyed.  The infinite opportunity for  icy compositions is the result of the reduced flow of water from the Conowingo dam the water receding and leaving  a blanket of ice on shores edge.  I Love Ice!

Silt Covered



Several weeks ago I went to Susquehanna St. Park in search of ice with Annette and Steve from the Baltimore Camera Club. As is often the case I didn't find quite what I hoping to when we got there. The large patch of ice that was there before had melted and left leaves with dried silt from the water. I really liked the monochrome look and took some shots. This photo is one result. Not sure if  I should crop off the top and focus only on the large leaf.