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The Mobius Arch



The Mobius Arch is in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine California. The Alabama Hills area is home to hundreds of arches. The area was used Hollywood to shoot and number of westerns Including Rawhide and King of the Khyber Rifles. In fact the Mobius Arch is located off of Movie Drive. This is a two shot panorama and I took it with the expectation that it would be converted to B&W. I'm quite happy with the result. The sky was pretty crazy! The Sierra's are in the background and Lone Pine Peak is centered in the arch. The tallest peak in the lower 48, Mt. Whitney is blocked by the arch.

Big Dark Cloud

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Big Dark Cloud was taken at the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge  Nov 27th 2009. Karen, Annette, Chuck  and myself went to Bombay Hook in search of Snow Geese. 2009 didn't reward us with the massive number of Snow Geese we witnessed and photographed in 2008, but we certainly had dramatic skies! I feel tremendously lucky to have Bombay Hook and the many other State and national parks within such reasonable driving distance from where I live.

Big Dark Cloud is a 4 shot panorama stitched together in Autopano Pro. In many cases the ability of the camera with the correct choice of lens and isolate and simplify the subject is the way to go. At other times though, the ability to get the grand view with a multi shot panorama is the best choice. In addition to Autopano Pro Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4 have excellent multi shot panorama stitching capabilities. Go ahead give it a try.

Beautiful Decay





 While some may find this scene decrepit, I consider it "Beautiful Decay" . The textures and colors accentuated by the  side light create an image that I like a lot. Natures forces crafted the pallet used here. Water and sun have transformed an ordinary inside scene into one with a much greater depth of texture and color.

" Beautiful Decay" is a 3 shot panorama stitched together in Autopano Pro 2.0. The camera was moved 3 times to different positions parallel to the wall. A series of 5 bracketed images was taken in each position. Moving the camera this way minimized the distortion created by the 24mm lens used. The bracketed images were used to create HDR images, expanding dynamic range allowing detail in both the shadows and highlights.  As a finishing touch " Beautiful Decay"  was mirrored horizontally because I thought it did a better job of leading the viewer into it.

Recent Work

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Southwest-Harbor-Sky.jpgRecent Work category has been added to my web albums. This should make it easier for regular viewers to see the latest work added. As of today it contains work form Acadia National Park, Susquehanna St. Park, Great Falls, Henryton Center and the National Aquarium. Please take a look.


The blog image is a multi-shot panorama taken in Acadia and merged in Autopano Pro