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I Love Ice!



Susquehanna St Park, below the Conowingo dam is the place I go when the temperatures drop below freezing.  Arriving pre-dawn, hopeful that water has not been released  to generate the days electricity .  On some days the water is up and the days ice washed away before the sun rises.  Some days give a few tantalizing minutes before the flood. Some days you get lucky and can shoot until worn out and cross-eyed.  The infinite opportunity for  icy compositions is the result of the reduced flow of water from the Conowingo dam the water receding and leaving  a blanket of ice on shores edge.  I Love Ice!





Ruffles is a shot of a  Cattleya Orchid taken using a 180mm macro lens with a 25mm extension tube and Live View. I always enjoy looking for abstract images to shoot but in general haven't had much success finding them in flowers. This is at least in part due to the fact that making a careful choice as to what to keep in focus for good composition was difficult while looking through the viewfinder using depth of field preview button. In most cases depth of field preview made the image too dim for me to judge  what was in focus. Live View helps overcome this problem. Pressing the depth of field preview button while Live View is active gives a brightened  image on the LCD that can be zoomed to 100% allowing a clear view  of what is in and out of focus.  I really look forward to continued exploration of  the possibilities Live View provides.

BTW, I was turned on to using Live View by reading an article on the subject by Ian Plant.


Here I Go!




Here I go! The blog is live. You can access my photo galleries with the link at the top or the page or in the sidebar. The blog will make it easier to share new work, technical info and "what's going on". The photo "Twisting Ferns" was taken in Acadia National Park outside the Jordan Pond House July 22nd 2006. The ferns weren't deep in the woods, but next to a sidewalk with the hustle and bustle of people going by. It's been the home page image to for several years. Hope you like the new look and find it easy to get around. Let me know, sign up, sign in and make some comments.


Silt Covered



Several weeks ago I went to Susquehanna St. Park in search of ice with Annette and Steve from the Baltimore Camera Club. As is often the case I didn't find quite what I hoping to when we got there. The large patch of ice that was there before had melted and left leaves with dried silt from the water. I really liked the monochrome look and took some shots. This photo is one result. Not sure if  I should crop off the top and focus only on the large leaf.