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The Baltimore Camera Club  took a trip to NYC visiting the Museum of Modern Art  to see a collection of work by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Seeing work by this legendary photographer was inspiring to say the least. Trips like this give camera club members a great opportunity to talk photography sharing  ideas and techniques. It's not likely I would have taken my camera out of the bag on the return trip home if it wasn't for  Karen Messick taking out hers and snapping away in the moving bus this night. I decided it was best to join in the fun.  I put my Canon G10 in manual mode and took exposures thru the front  window of the bus varying the length of the shutter speed. The photos I chose to put in the gallery I hope capture a bit of essence of the road on this dark and rainy night. The view from the front seat of the bus was "Trippin"


Beach Cliff Sardines



Beach-Cliff-Sardines.jpgLast fall I spent a week in Acadia National Park. I've been to Acadia many times before and was looking for new places to explore.  My "search" lead me to Acadia's  Schoodic Peninsula. The Schoodic Peninsula is fantastic, and the communities  outside the park are classic ME. Beach Cliff Sardines was taken in one of these communities, Prospect Harbor. At the time it was taken I was unaware of the story this sign, this piece of Americana had to tell. Fellow Baltimore Camera Club member Kathleen Hill pointed me to an article telling of a sardine canning factories closing. The last factory in the US to can sardines, Beach Cliff Sardines in fact.