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Shoot It When You See It


One of the things I really enjoy about having photography as a hobby is spending time together with other photographers and taking photographic journeys. On these journeys traveling down the road the question often is "should we stop here"? On an ambitious day and the photographic sprit is strong most times it's a yes. On other days the ambition and photographic sprit yields something like "We can come back later and shoot here if we want".  In some cases familiarity with a location can breed a bit of complacency because the though is "I can shoot this any time".  Well, in the case of this image "Emerging Crop" The federal house was in a location I had driven by with my photo buds many times. Year after year we drove by because the draw to the destination of the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge always took precedence. That is until a rainy day in May When Annette and I stopped to shoot.  The resulting image is one that I'm proud of and I think it captures some of the essence of the area. I'm certainly glad we stopped. In my mind I looked forward to future opportunities to capture the spirit of this place in different moods. But alas drove by it several more times with the thought, "I can shoot this any time".  This is not to be. What once was a Federal House on the road to Bombay Hook is now a Pile of Bricks. Shoot it when you see it.