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3 Doors 1 Drawer






"3 Doors 1 Drawer" is another from the portfolio  " Beautiful Decay". It's been processed as a color image and black and white. I can't say for sure which one I like best. Take a look, let me know what you think. I'd be grateful for anyone who would take a moment to register, sign in and make a comment.

Beautiful Decay





 While some may find this scene decrepit, I consider it "Beautiful Decay" . The textures and colors accentuated by the  side light create an image that I like a lot. Natures forces crafted the pallet used here. Water and sun have transformed an ordinary inside scene into one with a much greater depth of texture and color.

" Beautiful Decay" is a 3 shot panorama stitched together in Autopano Pro 2.0. The camera was moved 3 times to different positions parallel to the wall. A series of 5 bracketed images was taken in each position. Moving the camera this way minimized the distortion created by the 24mm lens used. The bracketed images were used to create HDR images, expanding dynamic range allowing detail in both the shadows and highlights.  As a finishing touch " Beautiful Decay"  was mirrored horizontally because I thought it did a better job of leading the viewer into it.




Sick.jpg"Sick" is a an unknown story.  It is disturbing rendition of a catfish found on the bank of the Susquehanna River in Susquehanna St. Park.  The location is one frequented by fishermen and is likely the source of this dead and frozen catfish. It is hard to imaging though that the catch would be left behind to die, and not taken home for dinner or returned to the river to live another day. Perhaps  the fish is a casualty of ice and high water or indeed  was sick.